Dr. Cheryl Schwartz

Holistic Healthcare for Your Dogs & Cats

Using Food, Herbs & Homeopathy with Dr. Cheryl Schwartz

Saturdays: February 10, March 10, April 14 from 1-4pm

Cheryl Schwartz, DVM is a well-known (and much loved) practitioner of holistic veterinary medicine in the Bay Area with an office in Alameda. She has practiced and taught herbal veterinary care longer than anyone in the US and is internationally-known as the author of Four Paws, Five Directions. We are so pleased to have Cheryl back to teach us to care for our four-legged friends. For more information about Cheryl, please visit: drcherylschwartz.com

Herbs & Remedies for Winter: Balancing the Kidneys, Bladder & Bones
Saturday, February 10th from 1-4pm

During the rain, wind and our “winter” months, our internal water pipes work hard. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys help regulate our fluid balance, our body temperature and immunity, as well as our spinal columns and limbs. Older animals can stress their reserves and younger animals can use support for future years. Let’s look at herbs and remedies, foods and supplements, as well as lifestyle, for kidney and bladder health.

Food as Medicine for Healthy Animal Friends
Saturday, March 10th from 1-4pm

We are what we eat. Maintaining health means we fuel our animal friends and ourselves with nurturing foods. How can we use foods to balance the body, mind and spirit? Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy looks at the energetics of foods and how foods effect our organ systems, immunity and general state of mind. We will evaluate the energetics of different proteins, starches and fats for our animal friends. Grains or no grains? Raw or cooked? Canned or dry? We will also look at some sample commercial foods and see if they fit our animal friends’ needs. Bring some package labels!

The Winter’s Over and the Scratching Accelerates! Love the Liver!
Saturday, April 14th from 1-4pm

In this class, we will look at how to revive the liver to help the skin and the relationship between liver health and skin itching, allergies and eruptions. How can we balance outside and inside to shine our coats and subdue strong odors! We will look at foods, supplements, herbs and homeopathy to help our animal friends to be glamorous once again.

COST: $65 per class or the series for $180 if pre-registered. Walk-ins: Add $10.

WHEN: Saturdays: February 10, March 10, April 14 from 1-4pm

CONTACT: For more information, contact Gathering Thyme at 415-524-8693.

WHERE: Gathering Thyme • 1447 Fourth Street • San Rafael, CA 94901
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