Fall Plant Journeying Series

Plant Wisdom Series... Enchanting Allies

Experiential Journeying • Ethnobotany • Clinical & Spiritual Plant Uses

with Judy Lieblein

Saturday, Dec. 9 (Mugwort) from 1-3pm

This Fall, we are working with plants that enchant us to open our hearts and bodies deeper. Deeper to ourselves and the world in which we live in. Opening pathways and gateways that lead us to the truth of who we are. Showing us pieces that lay behind the veil of our waking consciousness Gifts and insights that have been hidden in our hearts and minds. Come Journey with us this Fall and experience the magic and wonder of these extraordinary plant allies. The plants are calling!

A plant’s story, medicine and magic is available to us at all times and in a variety of ways. In this series, we will explore the different ways plants weave their magic through the telling of their story in relation to their cultural uses, appearance, habitat and energetic make-up. A direct experience of Journeying with the plant through meditation, ingesting a small dose of tincture, flower essence and/or tea and a plant attunement will further foster the connection. There will be time for the integration of this knowledge through the sharing of our experiences and/or journaling.

We will open our minds, hearts and senses to new worlds and possibilities through one plant in each class. Join us for a fun and empowering way to access your own inherent wisdom while deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you. This is Plant Spirit Medicine! All levels welcome. Class size is limited.

Dec. 9th - Mugwort (Artemesia vulgarism) Aromatic, light and filled with the essence of the Moon, Mugwort is one of my favorite plants to come upon hiking. The silvery leaves speaks of coolness with the scent showing a fiery nature. Warming, expansive and stimulating, Mugwort moves blocked and stagnant energy within our bodies and psyches. Come Journey with Mugwort and experience the unification of lunar and solar forces within yourself.

COST: $40 pre-registered or $50 at the door.

WHEN:Saturday, Dec. 9th (Mugwort) from 1-3pm

CONTACT: For more information, contact Gathering Thyme at 415-524-8693.

WHERE: Gathering Thyme • 1447 Fourth Street • San Rafael, CA 94901
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