Wilderness Herbal Fist Aid Certification

Wilderness Herbal First Aid Certification Course

Taught by Sam Coffman, Founder of The Human Path

March 23-25 from 8:30 to 5pm

16-Hour Wilderness Herbal First Aid Certification in Petaluma, CA hosted by Sam Coffman, and Gathering Thyme School of Western Herbalism, with an additional 8-hours of herbal first aid training.

This is a 24 hour course taught over 3 days (8 hours per day) and includes both a conventional 16-Hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification through Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) as well as more than 8 hours of herbal first aid training. Herbal First Aid information is integrated into the curriculum every day in order to create a holistic model of remote or post-disaster care that emphasizes the essentials of first aid care while also introducing fundamental plant-medicine concepts that apply to austere or post-disaster environments.

The tuition for this course includes two books:

  • Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care for Remote Locations. 3rd Edition, Jones & Bartlett Press
  • The Herbal Medic: Practical use of herbs for home, remote or post-disaster environments by Sam Coffman

Wilderness Herbal First Aid

16-Hour WFA certification subjects include:

  • Primary and secondary survey
  • Extrication
  • Field expedient methods for moving a victim, basic knot/lashing concepts
  • Diagnosing and treating a wide variety of trauma and life-threatening situations
  • Splinting & bandaging plus ankle and knee stabilization for walking
  • High altitude injuries, heat and cold injuries
  • Disease and infection
  • Snake and insect bites & stings
  • Shock
  • Head injuries
  • Water purification & fluid replacement
  • First Responder planning, building first aid kits and more

Herbal First Aid subjects include:

  • Fundamental herbal care concepts – the necessary shift in thinking
  • Wound Care and Infection Management using herbs
  • Injury, shock, pain and herbs
  • Respiratory herbal first response
  • Gastrointestinal herbal first response
  • Urinary herbal first response
  • Planning, preparing and administering herbs

Hands-on training and practice is emphasized very strongly throughout this 3-day intensive. The certification testing for ECSI is both hands-on (done as teams) and a written test. Wilderness first aid certification is provided by ECSI, which is created, endorsed and underwritten by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) and American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). A national ECSI certification card is issued which is valid for 2 years.

Prerequisites: none.

Registration & Details: Class is held March 23-25, 2018. Advance registration required.
Please note class times and hours. We know these are long days but this is an extraordinary chance to get this great in-depth level of training.

  • Day 1: 8:30 AM – 5 PM
  • Day 2: 8:30 AM – 5 PM
  • Day 3: 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Tuition: $350. Tuition includes two books, and certification materials.

  • $100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to secure your spot due no later than March 8th, 2018.
  • Balance of tuition is due 7 days prior to the start of the course.

Other Course Details:

  • Please pack a bag lunch and bring whatever foods/beverages you may need to keep you happy!
  • Portions of the course will be outdoors.
  • Location: Located 40 miles north of San Francisco in the quaint, riverside city of Petaluma, known for its small-town charm. Location information will be sent out to registered students.

    On-Site Lodging Available: On-site tent camping ($10/night) and a limited amount of dorm-style lodging ($15-$25/night) will be available for registered students. This is a private residence on 50 acres of rolling hills and gardens. If interested in lodging, please call Cheryl at 415-524-8693 for additional details.

    About Sam Coffman

    Sam Coffman

    Sam Coffman began his medical education in the military as a U.S. Special Forces Medic (aka Green Beret medic) in 1989. A few years prior to this he had already become highly interested in herbalism as a way to provide health care in remote regions with a minimum of medical supplies – both for acute care and trauma as well as for chronic conditions. This was the start of a long journey into the world of plant medicine for Sam, and after thousands of clinical hours as both a medic on teams and in military emergency rooms, as well as working with herbs throughout following decades, Sam’s primary goal has become the creation of an integrative medical model that embraces both vitalistic and mechanistic aspects of herbalism into a collaboration with orthodox and energetic models of diagnosis and treatment.

    Sam is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, and has worked as a clinical herbalist for over 15 years. As founder and director of The Human Path, his educational goals have been to provide the most practical, hands-on teaching experience possible for all students, whether online or on-campus. To that end, he has developed scenario-based training models that make it easy for students to move directly from training into real-world applications.

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